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So… there you are – cruising down the highway at the end of a long, hard day, when suddenly there’s a flash of blue lights in your rear-view mirror. You hear that sickening  warble of the police siren, and your heart drops into your stomach. Twenty minutes later and staring at a $500 ticket, you’re headed home, wondering just how you’ll manage to pay that fine, let alone deal with the increased insurance premiums that will surely follow! Wouldn’t it be something if you could pick up the phone and call a professional who may help get you out of this mess?

Well, now you can! At the Law Offices of Andy Miri, Mr. Miri can be your Lawyer and represent you in traffic court. We are Passionate and Dedicated Lawyers focused on fighting traffic offenses ranging from speeding tickets to DUI charges. No matter if you were totally in the wrong ~ or the officer seemed to be looking to fill a quota, we will work hard to help you:

  • Keep your number of tickets from impacting your driving record
  • Prevent skyrocketing insurance rates resulting from a traffic ticket
  • Avoid wasting your valuable time fighting your traffic ticket in court

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Having an experienced lawyer appear on your behalf is simple, affordable and smart. Many times, our clients are found not guilty, their case is dismissed entirely, or the charges are significantly reduced – which means no convictions on their valuable driving record. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll win your case, our success rate is darn good!

No matter if you’re a first-time traffic offender – or if you have lost your license after several traffic tickets, call us for a free consultation at ####.

Don’t pay that Traffic Ticket or Speeding Ticket! Get a local Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer on your side – and fight back.

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